List of Python Programs

Here is the list of all Python programs available in this blog. You can find basic level programs as well as advanced level programs. All of these programs have been categorised below. Click on the buttons inside the tabbed menu to explore those categories.


  1. Hello, World! Program
  2. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  3. Convert a character to ASCII value
  4. Convert ASCII value to a character
  5. Compute Quotient and Remainder
  6. Swap two numbers without third variable
  7. Swap two numbers using third variable
  8. Swap two numbers using X-OR
  9. Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion
  10. Centigrade to Fahrenheit conversion
  11. Simple interest
  12. Calculate percentage of a number
  13. Conversion between Kilograms and Grams
  14. Decision making

  15. Check vowel or consonant
  16. Check if a character is a digit
  17. Conversion between uppercase and lowercase letter
  18. Check if a number is positive or negative
  19. Check if a number is even or odd
  20. Find largest among three numbers
  21. Check if a number is a perfect square
  22. Check leap year
  23. Simple calculator
  24. Calculate profit and loss
  25. Roots of quadratic equation
  26. Find the letter grade of a student
  27. Find the age group
  28. Calculate income tax
  29. Display month according to input number
  30. Conversion between 12-hour and 24-hour time format
  31. Loop & Recursion

  32. Print natural numbers from 1 to N
  33. Print natural numbers using recursion
  34. Compound interest
  35. Display letters from A to Z
  36. Sum of first N natural numbers / Sum of series 1 + 2 + 3 + .. + N
  37. Sum and average of N numbers
  38. Display N th fibonacci number
  39. Factorial of a number
  40. Count no. of digits
  41. Sum of the digits of an integer
  42. Reverse of a number
  43. Check a number is a prime or not
  44. Display prime numbers between interval
  45. Check if a number is palindrome
  46. Count palindrome between intervals
  47. Check perfect number
  48. Display multiplication table
  49. Find the frequency of a digit in a number
  50. Find the average and sum until 0 is entered
  51. Check amstrong number
  52. Find minimum number of currency notes to make an amount N
  53. Pattern

  54. Square pattern
  55. Rectangle pattern
  56. Rhombus pattern
  57. Half diamond pattern
  58. Diamond pattern
  59. Right triangle, Half pyramid pattern
  60. Full pyramid pattern
  61. Inverted full pyramid pattern
  62. Snake number pattern
  63. Spiral pattern
  64. Hollow rectangle pattern
  65. Hollow rhombus pattern
  66. Hollow diamond pattern
  67. Hollow pyramid pattern
  68. Floyd's triangle pattern
  69. Pascal's triangle pattern
  70. Array

  71. Find largest element in array
  72. Find smallest element in array
  73. Display array in reverse
  74. Rotate an array
  75. Bitwise operation

  76. Check if a number is even or odd
  77. Matrix

  78. Check equality of two matrices
  79. Matrix addition
  80. Matrix subtraction
  81. Matrix multiplication
  82. Check lower triangular matrix
  83. Check upper triangular matrix
  84. Geometry

  85. Calculate the Area, Perimeter and Diagonal of a square
  86. Calculate Area, Perimeter and Diagonal of a Rectangle
  87. Calculate Diameter, Area and Perimeter of a Circle
  88. Games

  89. Rock paper scissors random approach


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